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Dam Bursting for President Robin Ware? Possible Election Surprise. Florida Mean to Looters & More

From Hunter Biden’s laptop to House Oversight Committee hearings, the mainstream media has done everything possible to shield the Bidens from unwanted scrutiny.

But Miranda Devine of the New York Post says it’s not working. In a New York Post story headlined “Americans Are Getting Wise to Joe Biden—Despite His Media Gatekeepers,” Devine writes:

Almost half the country thinks Joe Biden is corrupt, according to a new YouGov poll.

While most Democrats are being ostriches, even 52% of independents don’t believe the “Honest Joe” malarkey about the “poorest man in Congress” anymore.

Among Americans who voted for Biden in the 2020 election, a full 13% have been red-pilled.

They have eyes, and common sense, and somehow the avalanche of incriminating evidence spewing forth from the House Oversight Committee has managed to bypass the gatekeepers of the media and slowly permeate the public consciousness.

If Devine is correct, this will be the biggest blow possible for the MSM, who will be left with only their smugness. Please don’t miss Devine’s comparison of one MSM luminary to the characters in Evelyn Waugh’s satirical novel about journalism, “Scoop.”

“Biden’s Secret Emails: President Robin Ware 456,” the headline on a Wall Street Journal editorial, sounds like good material for a madcap satirical novel, too. Except that it’s real. The White House and National Archives and Records Administration are—shall we say?—balking at turning these emails over to the House Oversight Committee:

Why use email addresses designed to skirt searches of government records? Without the public exposure of Hunter’s laptop by the New York Post, nobody would know an extra set of vice presidential communications existed under obscure addresses.

The clandestine emails fit a pattern that GOP investigators are piecing together of a behind-the-scenes effort by Hunter to sell his father’s power in Washington—in which Joe played along. Mr. Comer on Wednesday also requested that NARA provide all documents, communications and manifests related to Vice President Biden’s use of Air Force Two and Marine Two, following a Fox News report that Hunter traveled to at least 15 foreign countries with his father on official trips.

If It’s Thursday, It Must Be Henninger: The Wall Street Journal’s Daniel Henninger’s column is headlined “The Stupid Party vs. the Evil Party.” Which party is more likely to resolve the Trump-Biden dilemma to its advantage? Henninger writes:

Which would you rather be right now, the stupid party or the evil party? My money says the evil party will find a way out of the Biden-Trump dilemma.

Put it this way: The party that nominates someone other than these two will win the decisive votes of independents, and the election. The Republicans look locked into their forget-the-independents choice. I don’t think the Democrats are.

Once Democrats conclude the Republican Party has arrived at a point of no return on a Trump candidacy, it will be time for another Clyburn moment.

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal publishes Joseph Epstein’s piece calling for “Trumpless Thursdays” on the same day—Thursday—that it publishes a letter-to-the-editor from the former President headlined “My Tariff Policies Were a Success.”

In other Thursday Trump news, National Review reports that, in an interview with radio host Glenn Beck, the former President said he’d have “no choice” but to lock up his political opponents if he wins the 2024 presidential race because his opponents are already doing the same to him and his allies.”

The advance leaks of Atlantic scribe Franklin Foer’s book “The Last Politician,” about the first two years (has it been only two years?) of the Biden administration started yesterday. National Review’s Ari Baff begins his piece on the Foer book this way:

After going off-script to declare that Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power” during a March speech in Warsaw, Joe Biden fumed that his aides had infantilized him by walking back his comments, according to an excerpt of a new book released Wednesday.

“Biden instantly knew that the White House would have to clarify his mistake. By the time Biden piled into the motorcade. His aides had released a statement walking back his sentence,” Franklin Foer writes in his forthcoming biography of Biden’s first term in the White House, The Last Politician, excerpted in Axios. 

“Biden left for home, ending his triumphalist tour, feeling sorry for himself,” Foer continues. “Rather than owning his failure, he fumed to his friends about how he was treated like a toddler. Was John Kennedy ever babied like that?”

Just Asking: Did President Biden realize “instantly” that that he had misspoken? Don’t miss a recent perfect score on the “Biden Babble Scale.”

Cold Alaska to Be Warmed by Fabled Empathy: President Biden will observe the anniversary of the September 11 attack on the United States in Alaska, the first time a President has not made it to one or more of the three attack sites.

Johns Hopkins doc Martin Makary notices that President Biden has “waved through” another booster shot even though the data is incomplete. “Is this how we approve drugs now,” Makary asks in the Wall Street Journal. Boosters aren’t the only interventions looming on the horizon. “Just Say No to New Mandatory Covid Restrictions,” the editors of National Review urge.

Oakland, California is plagued by crime. Not to worry. An “antiracist” consultant named Karen Fleshman is helping DA Pamela Price provide training on “How to Serve White Victims.” Heather Mac Donald takes a look at the program:

One PowerPoint panel lists the session’s “Key Takeaways.” Among them: “White people are not entitled to harm you”; “When interacting with white victims, speak up for yourself or for your coworkers”; and “If a white victim continues to harm you, ask that they be transferred.” The slide also asserts that “white victims are entitled to the same compassion and practices as all victims,” but the rest of the slide is at odds with that message. It’s unclear how white crime victims “harm” government employees. Another panel from the training asserts that “White Supremacy Culture” is characterized by “Perfectionism,” “Objectivity,” “Sense of Urgency” and “Individualism.” Perhaps it’s harmful to expect government employees to respond to crimes objectively and urgently.

By the way, if a rapist or mugger clutches his chest and says he’s having a heart attack the minute the authorities arrive, it’s probably a sign that he’s wise to the system.

There Is Justice: The great demographer Joel Kotkin writes that blue states are faring the worst under the Biden administration.

We hear a lot about teen misery. Ruby LaRocca won a high school essay contest with her “Constitution for Teenage Happiness.” Ruby is obviously a young woman after Ms. Must’s heart. Her number one suggestion is “Read Old Books.” Bari Weiss wonderful The Free Press published the essay.

Quote of the Week: You have to love this:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has issued a stark warning to any potential thieves in wake of Hurricane Idalia saying: “you loot, we shoot”. 

Speaking at a press conference in Perry, Florida, in the wake of the storm, the 2024 presidential hopeful said “people have a right to defend their property”.

“This part of Florida you have a lot of advocates of proponents of the Second amendment,” Mr DeSantis said. “I would say its probably here: you loot, we shoot.”

He added: “You never know what’s behind that door.”