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Forum Rules

  1. Feel comfortable expressing your views here! That’s what makes IWN so unique. 
  2. Please be respectful of other members and their Forum threads and replies.
  3. Refrain from using curse words and bad language.
  4. Do not insult or call other members names. 
  5. Please only include links from legitimate sources. 
  6. Moderators have the right to delete threads that contain information from websites or accounts that may be deemed not trustworthy or delegitimate.
  7. Moderators have the right to remove thread replies that violate guidelines.
  8. Be respectful of those in the Forum who have a different opinion than you. While we try to cultivate a community of like-minded women at IWN, there is a chance of differing opinions. Please practice respectful discourse when posting a thread and in replies to threads. 
  9. Moderators will remove and block members who are not engaging in a civil, respectful, diverse, and thoughtful manner.
  10. Moderators have the right to reduce spam posts, posts with repeated bad language (including language using symbols in place of letters), and insulting posts.
  11. Moderators reserve the right to limit the frequency of posting within the group to avoid a spam-like environment. 
  12. If you post a thread, please try to engage with at least one other thread that is moving in the group that day.
  13. We reserve the right to terminate the involvement of users who violate the rules listed above.