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A “free speech search engine”

A new alternative to Google

I’ve tried using alternatives to Google, but I never stick with them, for one reason or another. But there is another search engine on the market called Freespoke that emphasizes free speech.

Fox news reports:

Former Republican National Committee finance chair Todd Ricketts launched Freespoke, an alternative to Google, earlier this year because he believes Americans have a “duty to protect” free speech. 

“When free speech is under attack, our whole society is under attack,” Ricketts told Fox News Digital. 

“A few years ago, as I was looking for things in searching on the Internet, I felt like I just wasn’t getting results that I expected… I felt like it kind of like was these biased results, and so I started talking to other people and… other people sort of felt the same way,” 

Ricketts, who is also the co-owner of the Chicago Cubs, said things like the National Rifle Association were buried on traditional search engines, so he decided to do something about it

Does anyone use alternative search engines? Which one and why? Suggestions welcome!

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