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We are a home for the independent, civically engaged, truth seekers, freedom fighters, game changers, and policy makers who want a secure platform for honest conversations about everything from politics and culture to education and family. It’s a place where you can get tools to be an effective leader, learn about issues, advocate for your family and country, engage with great people, and have lots of fun while doing it.

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“IWN provides exactly what I was longing for – a place to come together to be informed, to engage and to connect. IWN’s Resources, Debate Prep, and Must Reads are excellent resources for members. A couple of friends helped me start a chapter in deep-blue NYC, and our membership keeps growing. There is a real hunger for all that IWN offers.”
Aundrea Amine – New York City Chapter
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“It is up to us if we want a better country. It is up to us if we want more liberty. Join me and the Independent Women’s Network, and let’s fight together to make this a better country for future generations.”
Lisa Boothe
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“Timing is everything! IWN started at the perfect time for our Wisconsin group and nation. Be a Voice was already a group of amazing women focused on speaking up and not going to silence when hot political topics up. We are free and independent thinkers. IWN amplified and expanded our mission. We are now connected with other independent thinkers across the USA and Canada. And, we have IWN’s numerous resources and support!”
Elizabeth Thelen – Wisconsin Chapter Leader
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“Being part of the Independent Women’s Network is like hanging out with some of your best and brightest girlfriends and talking openly about things that really matter. Conservative women FINALLY have a community where we can all share our opinions on issues important to us and know that somewhere out in the network there is another amazing woman who is reading along and nodding because she really GETS IT.”
Sam Janney
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“I am a reformed liberal, a transformation that took place when I was in my mid-30’s. I contend if I had a resource such as the Independent’s Women’s Network back then, moving to the right would have happened much quicker than it did. Ultimately, we are stronger in numbers and IWN does that for us.”
Julie C. from Iowa
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“IWN offers women of all stripes sisterhood, a safe place for their ideas, and a supportive community to do life with. We don’t have to hide our ideas or apologize for our beliefs. Finally: space for women to support all women.”
Patrice Onwuka
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“I have found the Network very empowering. There are so few places that accept all viewpoints without judgment these days. The Network is one of those places that explores a wide variety of ideas in an open and intellectually critical way.”
Georganne Burke
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“I want my three daughters to grow up knowing they can speak their minds freely. A welcoming community like IWN can help make that happen.”
Carrie Lukas
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“Finally, a community that enables everyone to have their voices heard and respected. A place where people of a wide variety of backgrounds are proud to stand together and champion our shared cause. The future is truly bright!”
Amber Schwartz
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“I realize there is soooo much that I do not know.. Nor do I know the issue or how to think around/about the issues!! I have a need to become more aware of what is going on around me… and the consequences of not doing anything with it.”
Dora Sutter
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“I inquired about the possibility of having [Independent Women’s Forum] develop a platform that offers many of us a place away from the loud voices of the women on the left. Thankfully, they shared with me that it was in process. What a treat! I encourage independent women to join this fabulous organization.”
Darlene from New England
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“IW is a place I can converse and learn from like-minded women.”
Christina Smith

About Independent Women’s Network

Independent Women’s Network—a project of Independent Women’s Voice—is a members-only platform that is free from censorship and cancelation. 

IWN brings together thoughtful and interesting people like you to discuss the most important topics affecting our lives in a civil, fun, and forward-looking way. You’ll enjoy members-only experiences, like member forums, chat rooms, and virtual events.

The path to a better country starts with good ideas, civil conversation, and a positive community. That starts here… on Independent Women’s Network.