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Planet Fitness, Protect Our Rights!

Planet Fitness is endangering its female members.

A Planet Fitness gym in Alaska allowed a trans-identifying biological male into a female-designated bathroom. The individual was caught shaving in front of a 12-year-old girl in a towel.  

When a female member complained, the gym canceled her membership and banned her from returning. Planet Fitness is standing by this decision

By allowing biological men to use female-designated bathrooms, Planet Fitness is compromising both privacy and safety for its female members and ignoring the very real dangers posed by men in women’s spaces.

Photo Credit: Libs of TikTok

Planet Fitness must understand that women have a right to speak their minds and to fight for private spaces. The company should not force women—some of whom are underage or have been victims of sexual assault and don’t want to have to change in front of biological men—into situations that make them uncomfortable and put them at risk.  

Take Action! Send a message to Planet Fitness leadership to respect the privacy and safety of their female members. 

Show women of all ages that they have support and can stand up to Planet Fitness. Together, we can ask for a policy change that supports common sense protections for women! 

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