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image of Governor Evers: Put that Veto Pen Down!

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Governor Evers: Put that Veto Pen Down!

Female runners, mountain bikers and other Wisconsin athletes have been edged out by males competing in women’s leagues. Women deserve their own competitions, teams, and athletic spaces. Title IX guarantees it. But the Department of Education is today advancing a twisted interpretation of this landmark civil rights law that prioritizes the rights of males over females.

Paula Scanlan, IWV spokesperson and NCAA athlete, was forced to share a locker room and compete on the same team as Lia Thomas, the biological male who was allowed to join the University of Pennsylvania women’s swim team.

On October 4, 2023, Paula implored the Wisconsin General Assembly Committee on Colleges and Universities to “support efforts to keep women’s sports female, particularly at the college level, where the stakes are highest and risks are greatest.”

“If the federal government won’t enforce Title IX,” Paula said, “hopefully this state will.”

Assembly Bill 378 would protect women’s collegiate sports, but Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers says he will veto it, allowing continued discrimination against female athletes.

Sign the petition and tell the Governor to put down his veto pen!

I join an army of women in Wisconsin who are fed up with men invading women’s spaces and opportunities.

If the federal government won’t enforce Title IX and provide equal opportunity for female athletes, then Wisconsin must.

Governor Evers, we implore you to set aside the veto pen and stand up for the women and girls of Wisconsin. We urge you to demonstrate your commitment to their rights and future by signing Assembly Bill 378 into law. Wisconsin women and girls deserve nothing less than the full protection of their opportunities and spaces.

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