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image of Urge Governor Hobbs to Support Education Freedom!

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Urge Governor Hobbs to Support Education Freedom!

Governor Katie Hobbs wants to dismantle Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESA) program. Her State of the State Address, proposed legislation, and proposed budget attack the ESA program, which provides educational options to Arizona children. And yet, recently, she hypocritically declared an Arizona School Choice Week. Governor Hobbs is gaslighting the citizens of Arizona!   

In 2022, Arizona’s ESA program became accessible to the more than 1.1 million K-12 students in Arizona. This model is the gold standard for universal school choice. It holds schools accountable by giving parents the power they deserve over their children’s education. It provides great savings to the state. ESAs can ensure that all parents, regardless of their income, have the flexibility they need to tailor their children’s education to meet their unique needs. 

Even back in 2022, then Secretary of State Hobbs attacked the ESA program. The Governor’s actions go against what citizens of Arizona want. 67% of adults in Arizona, and 77% of parents in Arizona with school-aged children support ESAs. 

One size does NOT fit all for Arizona kids! We should fund students, NOT systems. 

Tell Governor Hobbs to stop her attack on Arizona’s ESA Program.

Feel free to personalize the message and share how education freedom has benefited you and your family.

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