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image of Thank Governor Youngkin for Protecting Our Right to Defend Ourselves! 

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Thank Governor Youngkin for Protecting Our Right to Defend Ourselves! 

Democrats in the Virginia General Assembly recently sent Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin 30 separate gun-control bills designed to remove your constitutional right to defend yourself and punish law-abiding gun owners. Governor Youngkin vetoed all 30 bills.

In addition to prohibiting the carrying of lawful modern sporting rifles (deemed “assault firearms”) in public areas, these bills would have expanded the definition of “assault firearm” and allowed for frivolous lawsuits against gun manufacturers. Due to the Governor’s vetoes, there were no significant changes to Virginia’s gun laws this year.

This is particularly good news for the women of Virginia. Women remain at a relative self-defense disadvantage compared to potential attackers. Therefore, the Second Amendment right to carry a firearm for purposes of self-defense holds special importance for American women, especially women in unsafe homes and neighborhoods.

As Governor Youngkin declared, 

“I swore an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitution of Virginia, and that absolutely includes protecting the right of law-abiding Virginians to keep and bear arms.” 

Lawmakers should always err on the side of caution when constitutional rights are potentially at risk. 

We not only thank Governor Youngkin for his leadership and courage in protecting this right, we urge him to stay the course and continue to veto bills limiting access to firearms. We don’t need new gun-control bills in Virginia! 

Send a message of gratitude and encouragement directly to Governor Youngkin for his support of your right to keep and bear arms. 

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