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Protect Student Safety and Privacy

Schools must be safe environments for students to learn and thrive. New Mexico’s Public Education Department must thoroughly investigate sexual assaults that are taking place in schools and enact policies to better protect students.

Recently, a middle school student went public describing how she was allegedly raped in a middle school bathroom. Evidence exists that she was not the only victim at that school—other girls were also harassed. Horrifyingly, little seems to have been done to find the perpetrator or to ensure that girls are protected from similar predators moving forward.

Parents and all concerned citizens in New Mexico deserve answers.

  • What is being done to investigate these allegations?
  • What is the New Mexico Public Education Department doing to prevent sexual assault from taking place in schools?
  • What actions are being taken specifically to protect girls’ safety and privacy in bathrooms and locker rooms?

Tell New Mexico’s Public Education Department to take sexual assault and students’ safety in schools seriously and to further investigate these recent reports.

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