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Share Your Sorority Story

Women want and NEED female-only spaces – the kind you find in sororities on college and university campuses. Single-sex spaces are indispensable to young women who hope to find community, gain leadership experiences, and build lifelong friendships. 

But, as the lines between the sexes are blurred, access to authentic sisterhood is at stake.

Recently, the Kappa Kappa Gamma (Kappa) sorority at the University of Wyoming made headlines upon admitting a biological male member who identified as female, violating its female-only bylaws. Several Kappa sisters banded together to file a lawsuit against the sorority to defend their right to a single-sex space.

These women, and all others who want to protect sororities as female-only private clubs that offer safe and supportive environments for women to live and learn together, shouldn’t be forced to admit males and bear the burden of inclusion. 

It’s up to us to protect the existence of single-sex spaces, specifically women-only spaces, in America. 

Are you a sorority woman? Have you been impacted? Do you want sororities to remain vibrantly female-only? We want to hear from you.

Identity Crisis Stories

America is experiencing an identity crisis. With the dramatic rise in youth identifying as transgender, the number of those seeking medical “treatments” has surged.

As a one-sided echo chamber pushes an “affirmation-only” model — promoting “preferred” names and pronouns, experimental drugs, and medically invasive surgeries — American children are being left with irreversible damage to their otherwise healthy bodies.

As children mature, it’s natural for them to try on different identities. Encouraging them to make permanent an otherwise temporary phase isn’t compassionate or supportive–it’s cruel.

Have you or your loved ones been affected by gender ideology? We want to hear your story.

Share Your Identity Crisis Story

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