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Christy Narsi
Christy Narsi
May 24, 2023 - 3 minutes
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Chapter Spotlight

Independent Women’s Network Launches Western Oregon Chapter

LAKE OSWEGO, OR — Today, Independent Women’s Network (IWN), the national grassroots community activist arm of Independent Women’s Voice, celebrated the launch of its Western Oregon Chapter. This chapter joins 21 chapters around the country and an online community of more than 32,000 IWN members.

“Oregon parents are concerned about trying to raise their families in a state with increasing large livability issues: failing public schools, ideologically-captured healthcare institutions such as Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, rising rates of addiction, crime, and homelessness,” said Western Oregon Chapter Leader Mary Miller. “Our Western Oregon chapter of IWN formed for Oregon women to speak up about the root causes of these problems, to expose the corruption in our state’s political leadership, and to leverage national resources to advocate for change.”

Miller is a parental rights and education advocate and board president of a brand-new private classical high school in the heart of Portland. A mother of three, Miller believes launching the Western Oregon chapter of IWN will help build a community of women working together to help restore sanity to the state of Oregon.

Miller continued, “Oregon women need to speak up, come together, and get involved in order to save our state. There is strength in numbers and Independent Women’s Network provides resources and training to make Oregon women effective advocates for their families and for the state of Oregon.”

The IWN Western Oregon chapter was joined by Nicole Solas, member of IWN Rhode Island chapter and senior fellow at IWN’s sister organization Independent Women’s Forum to discuss elevating their voices on academic transparency and parental consent.

Miller said the IWN Western Oregon chapter will launch an advocacy campaign to raise awareness of gender reassignment on minors.

IWN was created to build a supportive community for women and to give them the tools they need to make a positive difference in their neighborhoods and our country.

“We heard from thousands of women from across the country who said they wanted a community where they could connect, share ideas, and take action,” said IWN’s Carrie Lukas. “We launched the Independent Women’s Network to stand shoulder to shoulder with women who are ready to turn our economy around and fight to save our freedoms by countering the woke mob and standing up to cancel culture and out-of-touch bureaucrats.”

An engaging and growing community of independently-minded women work together to advance shared principles through chapter gatherings and the IWN online movement. Membership to IWN opens access to message boards, curated news, smart content, a resource center, exclusive events, and an action center.

“IWN members are happy warriors who stand up to bullies – bullies with positions in school boards; bullies on social media; bullies in corporations and in politics,” said IWN Director Julie Gunlock. “We support one another, and our members are not alone when they stand up to lead on issues critical to our country.”

Members of the community who are interested in joining Independent Women’s Network should email IWN Membership Director Jenny Avis ([email protected]) or visit for more information.


Independent Women’s Network, a project of Independent Women’s Voice, in partnership with Independent Women’s Forum, is a positive, supportive community of engaged, informed, and activated women working together to inspire, interact, influence, and have impact.