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IWN Staff
IWN Staff
August 7, 2023 - 1 minute
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Chapter Spotlight

IWN Fairfax Leader Stephanie Lundquist-Arora Participates In ‘See You At the Library’

The American Library Association, who is led by self-proclaimed Marxist lesbian Emily Drabinski wasn’t supportive of ‘See You At the Library,’ an event sponsored by Brave Books. The idea was for people to show up at public libraries to promote free speech in our libraries and schools.

Drabinski decided to offer libraries some advice on how to thwart the events and ensure they didn’t gain visibility. IWN Fairfax Leader Stephanie Lundquist-Arora wasn’t going to let that happen at her local library. She attended ‘See You at the Library’ in Fairfax with a group of others who wanted to support the cause.

As Lundquist-Arora wrote for IWN:

“Basically, our tax dollars in the American Library Association’s $250 million budget are being used to suppress free speech. Meanwhile, the organization holds annual conferences to push gender and sexuality themes in elementary and middle school libraries. Its June 2023 conference included a session titled, “Beyond the Middle School Rainbow: Intersectionality in LGBTQIA+ Middle Grade Books.

Thankfully, conservatives and others who care about keeping radical material out of the hands of children are making their voices heard. We applaud our chapters when they go out of their way to stand for what matters!

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