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Each week, IW’s policy experts work together to craft talking points that help us deliver our messages as effectively as possible. IW spokeswomen use these very same focal points to prepare for television and radio appearances and we want you to have the same prep materials so that you can debate these issues with community officials, school officials, and even your family, friends, and neighbors.


Background: The Iranian government has a long history of targeting and terrorizing women and girls. The most recent tragedy is the death of Masha Amini at the hands of the Iranian morality police for ‘improper wear’ of the hijab. Now, Iranian women are asking for basic human rights. Many of these demonstrations are being led by women who are cutting their hair and burning their hijabs in protest. 

Talking Points::

  • These are no minor sacrifices. Iranian women, and the men who stand with them, know they are risking their lives for the possibility of change, for the chance of freedom. 
  • They are willing to die for what we often take for granted here at home. Now is a moment for solidarity against such brutality.
  • The Iranian people deserve our support. Every woman deserves life, and freedom.
  • Despite the atrocities being perpetrated against women by the Iranian government, the Biden administration continues with its efforts to restore the Iran Nuclear Deal, a fatally flawed paper deal that did nothing to seek genuine remedies to Iran’s threats.
  • It is vital that the Biden administration stop negotiating with America’s most dangerous adversaries. 
  • The world’s problems cannot be fixed by global diplomacy, or more sanctions (which have their limits, and do not win wars). 
  • In the 1980s, the U.S. elected Ronald Reagan, who put America’s freedom first, rebuilt the military, and prevailed in the Cold War. We need that kind of leadership now. 
  • To preserve freedom and democracy, a top priority is the rebuilding of the U.S. military focused on deterring and winning wars, rather than social issues and eco-fuels. 
  • This means that our President must change course. But this is unlikely, given that the President refuses to acknowledge his administration’s role in the world’s current state of affairs.

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Background: In September, inflation on all items increased 8.2%, rising faster than expected. The energy index rose 19.8% over the last year, the shelter index rose 6.6%, and the food at home index increased 13%. Real wages fell 3.8%. While rising prices and falling wages are squeezing Americans financially, the current administration refuses to accept any responsibility for the dismal state of our economy.  Unfortunately, things could soon get even worse for the nation’s 60 million freelancers. A proposed rule from the Department of Labor would make it easier to reclassify independent contractors as employees, making it more difficult for freelancers, over half of whom are women, to engage in their preferred work arrangements.

Talking Points::

  • The administration repeatedly attempts to paint a rosy picture of our economy, but families, especially households with lower incomes, know full well that skyrocketing inflation is robbing them of security and prosperity on a daily basis.
  • For many, everyday goods and groceries are unaffordable. Credit card debt is rising, but savings rates are down. For homebuyers, buying their first-time home is out of the question right now. 
  • High inflation is the legacy of the Left’s inflationary federal spending policies in 2021. But rather than acknowledging the errors of their ways, they baited the American people with the misleadingly-named Inflation Reduction Act. 
  • Policymakers must focus their efforts on slowing inflation, slow down trying to stimulate the economy, and steer clear of plans to spend trillions of taxpayer dollars recklessly.  Until then, Americans are on their own to deal with rising prices. 
  • Government must also unleash the U.S. energy sector to liberate oil production and restore U.S. energy independence so that we are not reliant on foreign oil producers. 
  • Lastly, now more than ever, American households need more opportunities, not fewer.  Unfortunately, the Department of Labor is working to upend flexible, independent work arrangements that women value and depend upon.

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