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Editorial Guidelines

We want your voice to shine! 

All submissions will be read and considered for publication on Independent Women’s Network.

At IWN, we’re home to happy warriors and strive to maintain the integrity of that culture in each piece we consider. As such, please refrain from ad hominem attacks and limit profanity. Inappropriate content may be screened or edited out in the review process. We may also make minor edits for grammar and clarity.

We’re looking for pithy content that ties back to some cultural, societal, or political issue. Submissions should be no more than 700 words and be exclusive to Independent Women’s Network (having never appeared on any other outlet in any other form). Should we choose to run your piece, you are welcome to re-post on your personal pages and social media, citing that it originally appeared on Independent Women’s Network ( 

Submissions with the most claps may be compiled into a digital magazine that can be printed, shared, and distributed. Email [email protected] if you would like to opt your piece out of consideration and/or remain exclusively on the Network.

Please note: IWN does not take a position on abortion or the death penalty.