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Tackling Tough Topics: Child Care

How can you best talk about the problems with expanding government’s role in child care?  It’s a tough issue that requires a thoughtful approach and explanation. 

In this messaging workshop exclusively for IWN Members, Carrie Lukas walks you through the most persuasive arguments, and supplies you with myth-busting data, so that you too can be an effective advocate.

Watch below!

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  1. GG
    Ginny Gentles

    2021-08-05 11:51:32-04:00

    Yes to empowering parents, not the bureaucracy! I appreciate having this short, but substantial messaging webinar. Sometimes I’ll skim something too quickly while reading or half pay attention during a podcast. I learn about policy better with this kind of combination of written & spoken information.

  2. EA
    Ericka Andersen

    2021-08-05 16:36:44-04:00

    Really helpful info. Most people have no idea how to approach this. Thanks for the resource!

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