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IWN Staff
IWN Staff
April 18, 2024 - 1 minute
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IWN Live

IWN Live: The Electoral College Explained

It’s a presidential election year, which means the Electoral College will be a hot topic of conversation. We want you to be prepared with the facts!

Host Jennifer C. Braceras, Vice President for Legal Affairs and Founder of Independent Women’s Law Center, will be joined by Electoral College experts, Michael C. Maibach and Tara Ross.

Michael Maibach is a Distinguished Fellow on American Federalism at Save Our States, an organization dedicated to defending the Founders’ Federalism and the Constitution’s Electoral College. He is also the Founder of the Center For the Electoral College.

Tara Ross is the author of Why We Need the Electoral College, along with multiple other books about the Electoral College. Tara often appears as a guest on a variety of talk shows nationwide, and she regularly addresses civic, university, and legal audiences.

IWN Staff
IWN Staff
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