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Gabriella Hoffman
Gabriella Hoffman
July 8, 2024 - 1 minute
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Listen to the Truth About Electric Vehicle Mandates from IWF’s Center for Energy and Conservation

CNBC declared electric vehicle (EV) euphoria is dead. Polls show nearly 50% of EV owners have buyers remorse and ultimately switch back to conventional cars. So why does the Biden administration keep pushing EV mandates? 

Listen to Gabby Hoffman, Director of the Center for Energy and Conservation (CEC) at Independent Women’s Forum, and Daniel Turner, Founder and Executive Director of Power The Future (PTF) and a member of CEC’s advisory board, discuss the truth behind EV mandates, stemming from the Biden administration’s net-zero push. 

Daniel points out that efforts to mandate electric vehicles are eerily similar to what has occurred in the healthcare industry through Obamacare and the housing industry. We must have open dialogue about the effects of electric vehicles and allow the organic free market and free consumer decision-making, not the government, to dictate consumer choices. 

See more of IW’s resources on EVs below:  

Gabriella Hoffman
Gabriella Hoffman
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