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IWN Staff
June 2, 2023 - 2 minutes
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In 60 Seconds: The Equality Act

*PDF Download: In 60 Seconds – The Equality Act

Ironically, the Equality Act will treat some people less equally than others. It will harm women and girls, turn disagreements on issues of sexuality and identity into unlawful discrimination, and threaten parental and conscience rights.

Here’s the breakdown of The Equality Act in 60 seconds: 

What’s at Stake:

Ironically, the Equality Act will treat some people less equally than others.
In particular, it will:

  • Open women-only spaces (including locker rooms, battered women’s shelters, prisons, and bathrooms) to men.
  • Destroy women’s sports by requiring that biological males be allowed to compete with and against female athletes.
  • Limit freedom of speech for those who believe that biological sex is an immutable characteristic.
  • Threaten the rights of parents and doctors who do not approve of procedures to alter sex.
  • Force religious organizations to stop providing educational and other charitable services.

We should, of course, treat all people equally and with dignity, but the Equality Act would trample on the rights of some in favor of others and endanger vulnerable women and children.

Similar Laws Have Already Caused Harm

We don’t have to guess about the consequences of the Equality Act. Similar policies enacted elsewhere demonstrate its inevitable harm:

  • In Canada, beauty shops that refused to let their female spa technicians wax male genitalia have been sued by a transgender activist.
  • In Alaska, a battered women’s shelter was investigated by the state Equal Rights Commission after the shelter turned a transgender woman (biological male) away.
  • In Connecticut, two male-to-female transgender athletes are topping the list of champions at every track meet, denying opportunities to biologically female athletes.
  • In Maryland, bureaucrats excluded a Christian school from a state scholarship program because of the school’s stance on sexual identity and expression. As a result, six low-income students were forced to withdraw from the school.
  • In California, doctors have been sued for declining to recommend extreme sex-reassignment procedures in violation of their sincere medical belief.

Misperceptions vs. Facts:

IWN Staff
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