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IWN Staff
May 1, 2023 - 2 minutes
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TEMPLATE: Letter to Financial Institution about ESG

*PDF Download: Letter to Financial Institutions About ESG


Investors like me, as well as retirees and pensioners, have typically trusted your investment firm to prioritize maximizing the value of our savings and investments.

The trend of investing based on Environmental, Social, and Governance principles, or ESG, is a betrayal of that fiduciary trust and one that incurs serious financial consequences. It puts the interests of other parties ahead of the interests of shareholders and investors like me. This is undermining the security of my retirement and my ability to achieve other financial goals. 

There is simply no reason for [Name of Investment Firm] to prioritize the wants of left-leaning activists over producing a sound financial return for investors.

I know that ESG investments are not as profitable as advertised. There are many other avenues for [Name of Investment Firm] and its employees to engage in the political process without sacrificing my financial security. Please understand:this is especially concerning as many Americans experience financial hardship stemming from rapid inflation and financial instability. 

I implore you to refrain from engaging with businesses that prioritize ESG investments and rating systems over maximizing shareholder value. There are other financial institutions that I can entrust  my investments with because they are keeping controversial politics out of their financial decisions. If you insist on using your company to make political points and push woke ideology, I’m going to take my business and investments elsewhere.


IWN Staff
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