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IWN Staff
May 1, 2023 - 1 minute
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TEMPLATE: Letter to Personal Investment Banker

*PDF Download: Letter to Personal Investment Banker


I appreciate the care and advice you’ve given me over the years to achieve my financial goals. 

I’m writing because I’m concerned about investment banks and funds no longer prioritizing maximizing shareholder value and returns for people like me, and am hoping that you can tell me how you are navigating these issues. 

To be clear: I view the investment strategy based on Environmental, Social, and Governance principles, or ESG, as a betrayal of that fiduciary trust. It puts the interests of other parties ahead of my interests and undermines my ability to achieve financial goals. I do not share the political values that underpin the ESG movement – but that shouldn’t matter.  Investing shouldn’t be politicized.  Nor should I have to worry about my savings being used to advance a political agenda rather than to help me build my nest egg. 

I would appreciate learning how ESG and other political agendas are impacting decisions relating to my account and how you are trying to help safeguard my assets from being invested in non-politicized funds. 

Thank you. 


IWN Staff
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