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Etsy Must Stop Viewpoint Discrimination!

Etsy has banned products and sellers that criticize the government, make political points that they don’t like, or stand up for women’s rights.  

Over a year ago, Etsy banned merchandise made by a biologist affirming that biological sex is real. Instead of following the standard review process, the company permanently revoked his Etsy store and account for violating “a policy aimed at preventing the sale of products that promote violence toward protected groups.”  

Nearly a year later, Etsy threatened to permanently ban Independent Women’s storyteller, Laura Becker, from selling on Etsy because her products acknowledged the harms of gender ideology and the stories of detransitioners like herself. At first all of Becker’s products—even those that have nothing to do with gender identity—were removed or listed as unavailable. While Becker is allowed to sell now, her products related to detransitioning are still listed as unavailable on the popular e-commerce site. Learn more about her story here.

Etsy hasn’t stopped its viewpoint discrimination. It has now banned one-of-a-kind homemade ornaments made by female entrepreneur, Isabel, that criticize the government. Isabel proclaimed in response, “If our voices held no power, they wouldn’t be trying to silence us!!!”

Etsy will not stop viewpoint discrimination unless we do something about it!        

As Becker declared, “It is time to boycott Etsy. They do not support free speech, women, or medical trauma survivors.” 

Tell Etsy Execs to STOP viewpoint discrimination and the silencing of truth.

Eventbrite, Stop Silencing Women

Eventbrite has done it again!  They continue to cancel events featuring women’s voices speaking the truth about the harms of gender ideology on women.  

The latest events to be canceled featured IW ambassador Riley Gaines and IW storyteller Chloe Cole.

“Eventbrite continues its efforts to silence women and suppress women, while at the same time supporting pro-terrorist, pro-Hamas rallies,” Gaines told the National Review.  “It is not the first time we’ve seen Eventbrite cancel women’s voices. This summer, Eventbrite tried to cancel the ‘Let Women Speak Austin’ event in Texas, but thanks to the brave women leading the charge, the event went on as scheduled. Eventbrite’s hateful, anti-woman agenda will not interrupt my upcoming discussion surrounding basic truth, protecting the integrity of female sports, and promoting safety, fairness, and equal opportunities for women.”

Eventbrite, co-founded by CEO Julia Hartz, has claimed to celebrate and empower women in the past, and bills itself as a platform “that allows anyone to create, share, find and attend events that fuel their passions.” She has made comments like, “Let’s keep celebrating women. In this curated collection, @Eventbrite’s experts showcase virtual events made for anyone to learn, celebrate, inspire change, and empower women everywhere. #WomensHistoryMonth.”

But actions speak louder than words.

Reject Bigotry! Tell Eventbrite to STOP 
viewpoint discrimination and the silencing of women.