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Protect Free Speech

America was built on the principles of free speech and a vibrant marketplace of ideas. Cancel culture and growing efforts to censor politically inconvenient viewpoints threaten this tradition and weaken our country.  It’s time to stand up in defense of free speech and oppose cancel culture!  

83% of Americans want to feel confident that they can share their opinions freely without the fear of being canceled.

Modern cancel-culture often prevents people from being able to speak freely. It is crucial to uphold the First Amendment and preserve our right to freedom of speech without fear of cancel-culture or censorship.

As Americans, we must fight for the freedom to express our thoughts and opinions without fear. It’s time to reject the bigotry of cancel-culture. Stand up to protect this core American value: free speech.

Urge your Members of Congress to commit to supporting legislation that protects free speech and defends Americans’ right to speak freely and protest peacefully. Show that you support leaders who commit to freedom of speech! 

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