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Support Healthcare Price Transparency!

You would never agree to buy something without knowing the price, right?  Knowing how much something costs helps us plan ahead and allows us to shop for a good value. Health care shouldn’t be an exception. Of course, in emergencies, you can’t stop to ask prices, but the vast majority of healthcare decisions could be shoppable. We should have pricing information, but often don’t. The result is that too many Americans are hit with surprising medical bills. In fact, medical costs are a leading cause of bankruptcy.

Americans deserve better. Healthcare providers should be required to be transparent about their prices. Implementing true healthcare price transparency would reduce our nation’s healthcare costs by 40%, helping patients and businesses.

85% of Americans want more hope when it comes to health care. 

However, healthcare lobbyists and special interest groups who want to keep patients in the dark have clouded and shrouded efforts to make price transparency a reality. Shining a light on this issue holds candidates and elected officials accountable for delivering transparency and competition to our healthcare system once and for all, and making healthcare price transparency the law of the land.

Everyone has a right to know the price of healthcare services before receiving care, including cash prices and negotiated rates with health plans, so they can make informed choices when shopping for care and coverage.

Urge your Members of Congress to commit to supporting legislation that offers upfront healthcare price transparency and cash prices for all medical products, procedures, providers, and services. Show that you support leaders who commit to patient protection! 

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