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Join the Movement to Bring Education Freedom to Texas!

The Texas legislature is taking on a fight for critical Education Savings Account (ESA) legislation for Texas families.

The state legislature is in a special session to consider legislation that would establish an education savings account program for eligible students within the state. 

Under the ESA proposal, qualifying families would receive funding annually to use for eligible education-related expenses such as tutoring, tuition, therapies, and textbooks. Giving parents the ability to access these funds directly and the freedom to select the best education for their children would be transformative. 

In Texas and across the U.S., parents of school-aged children, and the general public, are increasingly demanding and achieving education freedom for every student. Including Arizona, there are currently six states that offer universal ESAs and nine additional states with some type of ESA program in place. Over 30 states have some form of private school choice — don’t let Texas fall behind!

Call your representative in the Texas legislature and tell them that more education options will help your child thrive!