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Unmask IA

Unmask Iowa

Tell School Officials: You Want to Exercise Your Right

An avalanche of evidence shows that school mask mandates have failed to meaningfully prevent COVID’s spread. Worse, masking children isn’t just ineffective, it could be harming children’s development and emotional and mental health.

  • It’s time school officials give children the chance for a normal childhood again.
  • It’s time to give parents the power to decide whether or not to mask their children. 

Join your fellow citizens by sending a letter to Iowa school district officials, and telling them that parents should be free to decide whether their children need to wear a mask and that schools should treat all children with dignity and respect.

Feel free to customize this letter and send it to your children’s principal and teachers, as well as your school board superintendent.

Thank you for standing up for children. We are stronger together.

Letter to Iowa School Leaders

Dear Superintendent, 

The time has come to stop forcing children to cover their faces all day, every day. Children have suffered learning gaps, and today face a growing mental health crisis, because of measures put in place to stop the spread of COVID, a virus that overwhelmingly puts older people — not children — at risk.

Children have already sacrificed so much. Continuing to force them to wear masks for as much as 40 hours a week is simply wrong. 

Parents should be free to decide if they want their children to wear masks. Children without masks should not be separated from or treated differently than their masked peers. 

It’s time to put children first, let them smile, and allow them to thrive.