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Save Our Sports: Protect Single-Sex Athletic Opportunities

*UPDATE: We have a victory! IWN ended up driving 15,200 comments (10% of total) from the public opposing the Administration’s unethical Title IX sports proposed rule during the 30 day comment period. The Department of Education received a total of 156,000 comments from the public. A few weeks after the regulatory public comment period closed, the White House was expected to release its final Title IX rules with details for implementation by the end of May. Due to the overwhelming number of comments (ahem… opposition!) between the two Title IX proposed rules (first set announced in 2022, second in 2023) the Department of Education announced a DELAY of the final rules release to October 2023.

From the Department of Education:

“The Title IX proposed regulations that the Department released in July 2022 are historic. They would strengthen protections for students who experience sexual harassment and assault at school, and they would help protect LGBTQI+ students from discrimination. The Department received more than 240,000 public comments on the proposed rule – nearly twice as many comments as the Department received during its last rulemaking on Title IX. Carefully considering and reviewing these comments takes time, and is essential to ensuring the final rule is enduring.”

Learn more here.


The Biden administration’s Department of Education has introduced a new rule requiring schools to allow biological males who identify as women to compete in women’s sports.

This rule flips Title IX on its head, making it discriminatory for schools to exclude males from women’s teams unless they have developed detailed sport-specific eligibility rules that demonstrate the unfairness of male participation in that particular sport while “minimizing “harm” to trans-identified athletes.

But what about the harm to female athletes? It is well known that males who have experienced puberty have  significant, lasting athletic advantages over females in almost every sport. That’s not debatable. That’s science. And women shouldn’t have to relitigate this point with respect to specific sports at every single high school and college across the country.

Title IX guarantees equal athletic opportunity for both sexes. But every time a biological male takes a roster spot on a women’s team or takes the field in a woman’s sport, a female athlete loses an athletic opportunity.  That’s sex discrimination, and it violates Title IX.

It’s time to TAKE BACK TITLE IX. 

We have 30 DAYS to weigh in on the Biden administration’s Title IX sports rules. Don’t let inclusion come on the backs of female athletes. 

Fill out the form to easily submit a comment to urge the Biden administration not to limit women’s athletic opportunities but to keep women’s sports female.

Personal messages are more likely to be read by U.S. Department of Education officials. Write your own message or personalize one of the templates before sending.

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