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image of Mayor Eric Adams, Stand for Fairness and Equality

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Mayor Eric Adams, Stand for Fairness and Equality

Independent Women’s Forum recently joined a coalition of ideologically diverse national women’s organizations to stand behind Manhattan Mom and former Democratic candidate for office Maud Maron after she was abruptly banished from her elected position on New York City’s Community Education Council for District 2 (CEC 2)—the city’s largest parent council. 

In February, Maud was quoted by the New York Post speaking out about antisemitism at her daughter’s high school. Chancellor David Banks claims the February quote was the reason she was booted from her elected seat on Friday, June 14. 

A coalition of national women’s organizations from across the political aisle believe this was a fig leaf justification to oust a council member who is a champion for women—Maud knows what a woman is and has been a vocal advocate for protections for women, including prohibiting male athletes from participating in women’s sports. She joined the first Our Bodies, Our Sports rally in Washington, DC on June 23, 2022. Serving on CEC 2 since 2017, she has been an unwavering advocate for high-quality education, parent rights, and especially for Jewish children and families and has demonstrated exceptional dedication to the educational well-being of NYC public school children.

Send a message directly to NYC Mayor Eric Adams, urging him to reinstate Maud Maron to New York City’s Community Education Council for District 2! It is imperative that he uphold principles of fairness and equality, ensuring that all communities feel represented and supported.

As May Mailman, Independent Women’s Law Center Director, said, “Mayor Eric Adams is overseeing a school system, run by Chancellor David Banks, that devastates the core American value of debate. Maud has the true but ‘wrong’ opinion that women should be asked before giving up their sports to men and that anonymous speech is cowardly. New York schools shut that down. We should all be fearful of this shockingly successful quest to rid certain, truthful viewpoints from the public sphere. 

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