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Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes: Ellie Cohanim in Israel

A number of international media and TV networks covered this historic mission, but Ellie Cohanim shared some “behind the scenes” views and otherwise unavailable media exclusively for IWN.

Jerusalem’s Ben Yehuda Street is considered the heart of the city—a lively pedestrian mall with unique gift shops, restaurants, cafes and bars…. Ellie caught the musician Eliyahu Dagmi performing on Ben Yehuda street with his band. Dagmi is noted for his masterful performance of the Oud—the oriental guitar.

While stopping by a Kosher McDonald’s in Jerusalem, Ellie meets two teenaged girls—a Jewish American and a Muslim Palestinian who are working as counselors at the Jerusalem YMCA in a “Coexistence Summer Camp.” 

Ellie loved staying at one of Jerusalem’s recent additions and architectural gems: the Waldorf Astoria in Jerusalem. Take a look at the breathtaking lobby which incorporates the famed Jerusalem stone and brings an outdoor feel into the hotel with stunning high ceilings featuring skylights; Baccarat chandeliers throughout; and artful touches in every corner.

Chris Mitchell, Christian Broadcasting Network’s Jerusalem Bureau Chief and host of  “Jerusalem Dateline” interviewed the Iranian Delegation at Jerusalem’s Western Wall. Ellie turns the tables here, to interview Chris on his thoughts after meeting the group. Following the Iranian mission, and with protests still ongoing on the streets of Iran—Ellie visits CBN studios for an interview.

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  1. CS
    Carrie Sheffield

    2021-08-13 06:05:12-04:00

    Haha I remember McDonald’s in Israel when I lived in Jerusalem–I couldn’t get a cheeseburger! Kosher rules.
    Good memories of Ben Yehuda Street 🙂

    1. EC
      Ellie Cohanim

      2021-08-16 23:11:27-04:00

      I’m always blown away by the people watching in Jerusalem and on Ben Yehuda Street…Jews, Muslims, Christians living side by side…and the diversity of the Jewish people on display–Middle Eastern, Ethiopian, European Jews all co-mingling and creating a rich new Israeli culture.

  2. CL
    Carrie Lukas

    2021-08-13 10:11:03-04:00

    What a fabulous fabulous video and the girls were so inspirational!

    1. EC
      Ellie Cohanim

      2021-08-16 23:13:44-04:00

      Thanks Carrie! The teenage girls I met were pretty amazing!

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