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Christy Narsi
Christy Narsi
April 10, 2024 - 2 minutes
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Chapter Spotlight

IWN Phoenix, AZ, Chapter Leaders Christy Narsi and Noel Roberts Testify in Favor of Women’s Bill of Rights at Arizona State Capitol

On Wednesday, March 6th, 2024, Christy Narsi, Chapter leader of the Phoenix, AZ, Chapter of Independent Women’s Network (IWN), along with co-chair Noel Roberts and other IWN members, passionately testified in support of the Women’s Bill of Rights at the Arizona State Capitol. The bill, initially presented by Arizona Senator Sine Kerr and Independent Women’s Voice Ambassador Paula Scanlan, aims to protect women’s spaces and opportunities, and ensure accurate data collection.

The Women’s Bill of Rights defines ‘sex’ as a person’s biological sex at birth, either male or female. This legislation serves as a crucial step towards safeguarding women’s rights and preventing the erasure of their achievements. By laying the groundwork for halting the erosion of women’s rights, the Arizona Chapters of IWN celebrate this significant milestone.

Senator Kerr emphasized the importance of the Women’s Bill of Rights, stating, “SB1628 enshrines truth into law.” With over 3.5 million women residing in Arizona, this bill stands with millions of women and aims to safeguard their spaces.

Christy Narsi, expressing her gratitude, said, “Noel and I cannot thank the women of the IWN Phoenix, AZ, Chapter enough for their strong support of the Women’s Bill of Rights in Arizona. Legislative activity can be unpredictable, but our ladies mobilized quickly because they understand the weight this bill holds for us.”

She continued, “The reality is this: we will either demand our rights back from the gender ideology movement that has lied and stolen the innocence of millions of women and girls, or women will live in a world of oppression, abuse, and inequality. There is no in-between on this.”

Independent Women’s Network remains steadfast in its commitment to advocating for women’s rights and ensuring the protection of their spaces and opportunities. The advancement of the Women’s Bill of Rights in Arizona marks a significant step forward in this ongoing fight.

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