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How To Write an Opinion Editorial (Op-Ed)

An opinion editorial can be written by anybody! It’s literally an article that expresses an opinion. If you have an opinion, you can write an editorial. But it’s important to follow a few rules and know how to get the op-ed placed for publication.

  1. Editors are most interested in something newsworthy locally or nationally. 
  2. Make your point concisely: the ideal length for an op-ed is typically 700 words or less. 
  3. We recommend following the TACT guidelines:
    • T: Thesis — What point are you making? 
    • A: Address misperceptions — Are you debunking any misperceptions that stand in readers’ way on this topic?
    • C: Citations — Are you citing factual material from trusted sources to back up your point? Are you providing links to this material?
    • T: Target audience — Are you considering a target audience and using the right language and tone to reach them?
  4. Submit for publication:
    • Generally a newspaper or magazine will list the way to submit your opinion editorial to the paper (it’s usually a general email address). Some larger papers employ “opinion editors” who decide what editorials the publication will accept and print but generally these editors receive submissions through a separate email address which is usually listed on the paper’s masthead. If it’s a small town newspaper, you might know the owner or editor. Definitely use your personal connections to help ascertain the best way to submit your article. 


Comments (4)

  1. EA
    Ericka Andersen

    2021-07-22 09:52:53-04:00

    Wish I had learned this so much earlier. These skills can be so important in making a difference.

  2. GG
    Ginny Gentles

    2021-07-22 12:09:06-04:00

    This is so helpful. Parents can ensure that their voices are heard by submitting op-eds about school closures, remote learning, masks, gender affirmation, and critical race theory. I’ve found that op-eds can be shared easily on social media, and can result in media interviews.

  3. PO
    Patrice Onwuka

    2021-09-20 11:58:29-04:00

    This is a great easy guide. In my op-eds, I regularly quote well-known people or policymakers on the topic. Nothing works like using well-known people’s own words against them or to emphasize a point. 😉

  4. EC
    Ellie Cohanim

    2021-10-05 11:57:55-04:00

    These are the key to a successful Op-Ed!

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