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Natalie Cassase
Natalie Cassase
November 3, 2022 - 4 minutes
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Independent Women’s Network Launches Denver Chapter

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Independent Women’s Network (IWN), the national grassroots community activist arm of Independent Women’s Voice, celebrated the launch of its Denver, CO Chapter. This chapter joins 16 chapters around the country and an online community of more than 20,000 IWN members.

The Chapter Leader is Megan Kaltenbach Burke of Denver, a lifelong Colorado resident and mother to two daughters. 

Kaltenbach has been an outspoken advocate against masking our children during the Covid pandemic, including starting a citywide petition and also speaking to the Denver School Board on the harms caused by forced masking.  

Explaining why she stepped up to start a Denver chapter of IWN, Kaltenbach said:

“Colorado is where I grew up and it holds such a special place in my heart. Denver is where I live with my family and where both our daughters were born. It’s where I competed in cross country and track in high school winning 15 5A state championships, creating lifelong memories, giving me tons of confidence and earning a full scholarship to the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill.

“This is my home but as of late, I do not recognize it. The past few years we hindered our children’s ability to learn with mask mandates and school closures that we now know were not based on any correct science, but politics. We let our public school boards push an agenda that did not benefit our kids.

“Denver’s homelessness problem, fentanyl overdoses and crime increases are out of control. Lastly, we have gotten to a place where we allow males to compete in women’s sports here in Colorado. This is not something I can just sit and watch happen in a place I love, a place where we are raising two girls, and a place where I competed as a female athlete… against only other females. Colorado needs to make changes and I am willing to fight for those changes and so are many others.

“I know our Independent Women’s Network Denver chapter can make a major difference and with the resources of IWN’s affiliate organizations, Independent Women’s Forum and Independent Women’s Voice, we can strive for change to make Colorado a better community.” 

IWN was created to build a supportive community for women and to give them the tools they need to make a positive difference in their neighborhoods and our country.  

“We heard from thousands of women from across the country who said they wanted a community where they could connect, share ideas, and take action,” said IWN’s Carrie Lukas. “We launched the Independent Women’s Network to stand shoulder to shoulder with women who are ready to turn our economy around and fight to save our freedoms by countering the woke mob and standing up to cancel culture and out-of-touch bureaucrats.”

An engaging and growing community of independently-minded women work together to advance shared principles through chapter gatherings and the IWN online movement. Membership to IWN opens access to message boards, curated news, smart content, a resource center, exclusive events, and an action center.

“IWN members are happy warriors who stand up to bullies – bullies with positions in school boards; bullies on social media; bullies in corporations and in politics,” said IWN Director Julie Gunlock. “We support one another, and our members are not alone when they stand up to lead on issues critical to our country.”

Members of the community who are interested in joining Independent Women’s Network should email IWN Membership Director Jenny Avis ([email protected]) or visit for more information.


Independent Women’s Network, a project of Independent Women’s Voice, in partnership with Independent Women’s Forum, is a positive, supportive community of engaged, informed, and activated women working together to inspire, interact, influence, and have impact.

Natalie Cassase
Natalie Cassase
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