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Emma Wilenta
May 17, 2022 - 3 minutes
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Critical Race Theory

  • CRT is divisive and disseminates despair. Critical Race Theory (CRT) labels people, on the basis of skin color, as either victims or oppressors, and teaches black kids that the deck is stacked against them, that they lack agency in their own lives, and that black heroes and success stories are mere aberrations or tokens in a racist system.
  • CRT is unpatriotic. CRT teaches that our country was founded on white supremacy, that we have made little racial progress since our nation’s founding, and that, even in 2022, racism in America is the rule, rather than the exception.
  • “Anti-Racism” doesn’t mean “against racism.” Anti-Racism is a code word for CRT, which is so unpopular that its proponents are attempting to rebrand it as something that sounds compassionate.
  • Lessons and policies based on CRT are rarely labeled as such. Often the implementation of CRT in student lesson plans is referred to as “cultural competency”, “Anti-Racism”, “reconstructing curricula”, or “the pedagogy of equity and inclusion”, among other names. Often lessons and practices based on CRT are not labeled at all. The following are all examples of CRT being put into practice:
  • Assignments that divide students by race or ask students to evaluate or rank their privilege;
  • Assignments that presume, without debate, that American institutions reinforce and perpetuate white privilege;
  • Lessons that teach students of color that the deck is stacked against them, that they lack agency to shape their own destinies, or that they are not safe around police officers;
  • Lessons that teach white students that they were born racist;
  • Policies that encourage teachers to adopt “color conscious” teaching methods that treat members of one racial group differently from members of other racial groups;
  • Policies that punish protected speech or other lawful behavior because it may be perceived by a member of a particular racial group as a “microaggression”

Q & A

QUESTION 1: Don’t you support Anti- Racism efforts?

ANSWER: I support efforts to eliminate prejudice and stamp out racism, but I do not support Anti-Racism, which is the dogmatic belief that all of our institutions are inherently racist and must be fundamentally torn down and restructured.

QUESTION 2: Why do you oppose CRT?

ANSWER: I don’t oppose teaching people about Critical Race Theory, but I oppose the implementation of CRT, which seeks to deconstruct American institutions, demonize our country, and turn Americans of different backgrounds against one another.

QUESTION 3: Why are you trying to sugar-coat American history?

ANSWER: Opposition to CRT is not about ignoring history. History is one of our best teachers. Sadly, most schools don’t teach enough American history. Many skip significant parts of our civil rights heritage — including, believe it or not, the Civil War and Reconstruction! Often teachers revert to quick takes on what’s wrong with our country and fail to place current or historic problems in proper context.

For more information see:

How to Talk About: Critical Race Theory & Anti-Racism

Emma Wilenta Manasquan, NJ.
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