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Julie Gunlock
April 3, 2023 - 2 minutes
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Gun Bans/Gun Free Zones Do Nothing

  • Our hearts go out to the victims and families in the aftermath of the latest school shooting. 
  • We need solutions to better protect our school children and prevent school shootings or other such incidents in the future. 
  • Gun-free zones will only embolden gunmen to strike.
  • Arming staff is the best way to deter killers.
  • 2019 study by the Crime Research Prevention Center found that zero people have been killed in school shootings where armed staff programs are in effect. 
  • There are also new technologies that can help law enforcement locate the gunman in the event of a mass shooting.
  • Advocates of gun control frame the debate as a fight between those who want to save lives, and those who want their rights even if it means that lives are lost. But that’s not fair and it’s not accurate. 
  • Confiscating weapons from law-abiding citizens will not make us safer. 
  • This is especially true for survivors of domestic violence (like a mother who legally carries a gun to protect herself and her children). 
  • Restrictions on firearms are likely to turn law-abiding citizens into instant felons for ordinary, safe behavior and be cost prohibitive for the poorest families to protect themselves.
    • The CDC reports 500,000 annual uses of firearms in defense of self or others. 
  • There is no one-size-fits-all solution for anyone’s choice of how to keep him/ herself and loved ones safe. Some people choose to own firearms.
  • We need solutions that will actually save lives. 
  • As previously mentioned, one practical and proven way to make schools safer is arming school staffers.
  • School employees with the right background and training to carry a firearm should be allowed to. 
  • Last but not least, we need more police presence in our communities and at our schools, not less. 
Julie Gunlock
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