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IWN Staff
June 2, 2023 - 2 minutes
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In 60 Seconds: The Gun Control Debate

*PDF Download: In 60 Seconds – The Gun Control Debate

We all want to see fewer mass killings and less gun violence.

Here’s the issue of gun control in 60 seconds:

What’s at Stake:

We all want to see fewer mass killings and less gun violence.

Bad Solution:
New federal gun control legislation would:

  • Not change criminal behavior. It only creates a false sense of security.
  • Make law-abiding citizens less safe, especially victims of domestic violence.
  • Turn law-abiding citizens into instant felons for ordinary, safe behavior.
  • Be cost prohibitive for the poorest families to protect themselves.

In short, gun control legislation does not focus on the root causes of human behavior, including violence, crime and untreated mental illness. At the heart of gun control initiatives is the hope that criminals will obey the law, but in fact they rarely do.

Instead, ordinary law-abiding gun owners would bear the burden of the proposed laws. For example: A woman who has recently left a violent relationship would be placed in a far more vulnerable position, reducing her ability to protect herself or her children.

A Better Path Forward: Allow Choice in Self-Defense

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for anyone’s choice of how to keep him/herself and loved ones safe. Some people choose to own firearms:

  • Concealed carry permit holders are the most law-abiding segment of society.
  • The CDC reports 500,000 annual uses of firearms in defense of self or others.
  • States and cities with the least restrictive laws on gun ownership are safer than those with the most restrictive laws on gun ownership.

Adding new restrictions on firearms will not change criminal behavior, but could make law-abiding people less safe:

  • The law-abiding are already making good decisions about buying firearms. Keeping their choice in place keeps them as safe as they can be.
  • Vulnerable people, including women in unsafe homes or neighborhoods, should not have to beg for permission to defend themselves.
  • Law enforcement should not waste valuable time on those who otherwise comply with the law. Their focus should be on those who are actually committing crimes.

Addressing Concerns: 

IWN Staff
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