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Kelsey Bolar
September 25, 2021 - 5 minutes
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MORE Ways to Help Afghan Women, Children, And Refugees

Earlier this week, Patrice Onwuka shared information about a drive to help Afghan women, girls and babies who are fleeing. Encouragingly, the drive is now CLOSED after being fully supported.

In order to keep the support coming, IWF rounded up a handful of nonprofits and other efforts offering Afghan women, children, SIVs and refugees much-needed assistance. Many of these groups are national nonprofit organizations that have created emergency funds to address needs in the short-term, but also have the capacity to support long-term efforts as well.

In addition, I wanted to direct you to the Office of Refugee Resettlement under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which offers a state-by-state map featuring links to local area affiliates helping to resettle refugees. This is a great way to figure out how to get involved in YOUR local community.

As for the other opportunities that IWF, see below.

NOTE: The support we received from our IWN members from our last post was nothing short of inspiring, and times like these remind us why we are SO grateful for this community of women who care.

Because we know many non-IWN members are also looking for ways to help Afghan women, children, and refugees, we duplicated this post over at IWF so you can publicly share these donation opportunities with others. See that post and help us share it by clicking here.

No One Left Behind

Afghan translators are under direct threat from the Taliban. No One Left Behind is the only nationwide nonprofit committed to ensuring that America keeps its promise to our allies and their families who risked their lives for our freedom. This organization was in Afghanistan prior to President Biden’s decision to withdraw helping to evacuate SIVs, and will be there after. 76% of donations directly support SIVs and resettlement to the U.S.

Donate here.

Vital Voices

Vital Voices has established an emergency fund for Afghan women and girls. Here’s how the nonprofit describes the effort:

“Vital Voices, in partnership with the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security, invite you to donate to a special fund and help us act quickly to provide immediate support to at-risk Afghan women and girls. We are connected to a network of women activists in Afghanistan with whom we have worked for the past two decades. We will channel 100% of your donation directly to our partners to support emergency evacuations, emergency housing and resettlement, visa applications, and other emerging priorities.”

Donate here.

(If you’re unable to donate, Vital Voices also organized a petition calling on the Biden administration to not abandon Afghan women and girls. Sign here for free.)

Amazon Refugee Registries

Writer and stay-at-home mom Bethany Mandel rounded up a handful of donation opportunities, including an Amazon gift registry featuring items specifically requested from a Chaplain in Qatar, who is working on the ground to help the well over 150,000 refugees they expect to come through the country this week. That Amazon registry can be found here, along with more details and donation opportunities below. For those with Amazon Prime accounts, this is an easy and practical way to help.

“The biggest needs here are travel-sized toothbrushes/toothpaste, kid-friendly snacks, diapers/wipes, feminine products, and ‘comfort’ toys for children (stuffed animals, crayons, stress balls and the like),” Mandel wrote, adding, “if you’re buying off the Amazon wishlists: Make sure you ship to the gift recipient, not yourself.”

For more opportunities, read Mandel’s full thread by clicking here.

Women for Women International

Women for Women International has been working in Afghanistan since 2002. Since then, the organization says “the Stronger Women, Stronger Nations program has reached more than 127,000 women in five provinces in Afghanistan.”

Its program provides training that “helps women know and defend their rights, lead mentally and physically healthy lives, influence decisions at home and in their communities, generate income, and save money for the future, contributing to economic self-sufficiency in their lives and for their families.”

Women for Women International set up an emergency fund to support Afghan women, and was already able to meet a pledge for a $500,000 matching donation.

Donate here.

Women Refugee Commission

The Women Refugee Commission outlined ways for Americans to “contact your Congressional representative and Senators and urge them to call on President Biden to act now to protect at-risk Afghan women’s rights defenders and provide humanitarian assistance for those left in the country.”

You can also donate here.

U.S.-Afghan Women’s Council

The U.S.-Afghan Women’s Council (USAWC) is a non-partisan public-private partnership that convenes governments, civil society and the private sector around the goal of supporting Afghan women and girl’s education, healthcare, economic empowerment and leadership. The Council leverages public and private resources to advance member-driven initiatives and highlights the experiences and needs of Afghan women and girls. 

In response to the crisis in Afghanistan, the U.S.-Afghan Women’s Council listed a dozen organizations that it has partnered with to raise funds for emergency response.

Access that list here.

Kelsey Bolar
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