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Emma Wilenta
April 10, 2022 - 2 minutes
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Top Tips for Media Interviews

Want to know how to prepare for a media interview? Whether it is your first time on camera or you are experienced, here are some top tips for media interviews from IWF Senior Fellow and President of District Media Group Beverly Hallberg (follow her on Twitter)!

  1. Have an Engaging Voice 
    • Start by projecting your voice. Whatever your voice does, your visuals will follow. 
    • Do not have an upward inflection in your voice at the end of a sentence (commonly known as sounding like a “valley girl” or having vocal fry). Do not make it sound as if you are asking a question. End with a downward inflection. 
    • These rules also apply to public speaking. 
  1. How To Appear Visually on Camera
    • Unless it is a man-on-the-street interview, you will most likely be sitting during an interview. Make sure you are sitting up tall and do not lean back in your chair. 
    • Know the topic you’re discussing. 
    • Look engaged in the conversation. 
    • Keep a neutral face. Avoid looking very serious. Don’t scrunch your face. 
    • Try to have a relaxed brow and lift your eyebrows for emphasis. Keep your eyes bright and open and smile when you want to smile. Be natural.
    • Keep yourself mostly stationary, but have some head movement and allow your head to move up and down. 
    • Have proper eye contact. Look at the person to whom you are speaking. If the person is not in the same room as you, look at the camera. Avoid looking up or away from the camera.
  1. Be Brief in Your Responses
    • You should aim around around 45 seconds per answer for radio interviews. 
    • For TV interviews, aim for around 30 seconds. 
    • Do not go on for too long, or your audience will lose focus. 
    • Time yourself. 
  1. Practice in Front of a Camera
    • Record yourself.
    • Have someone else take you through some questions. 

If you have more questions for Beverly, comment below!

Emma Wilenta Manasquan, NJ.
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