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Emma Wilenta
Emma Wilenta
April 15, 2022 - 2 minutes
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Resource Center

Template Letters: Opt Your Children Out of Wearing Masks

States, including Virginia, have been working to ensure that parents can opt their children out of wearing masks in schools. Here are templates you can use to write to school administrators and teachers. There is a template for the state of Virginia and one for other states.



Dear [NAME],

We were thrilled to hear that our democratic process is working across the state and that our elected officials have recognized the rights of parents to make decisions about their children’s health and wellbeing. Our children have suffered learning losses from school mask mandates for far too long. As you know, SB739 was signed into law on February 16 and will go into effect on March 1. Our children will attend school on March 1 without masks. Consider this our official mask opt-out for our children. 

Thank you,


Other States


Dear [NAME]

We are thrilled that masks are soon to become optional in schools. We are thrilled that you recognize the importance and right of parents to make decisions about their children’s health and wellbeing. Our community’s children have suffered learning loss from school mask mandates for far too long. Consider this our official mask opt-out for our child[ren].

Thanks you,


Emma Wilenta
Emma Wilenta
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