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image of Nike, Just Don’t! Stop Promoting Gender Mutilation

Action Center

Nike, Just Don’t! Stop Promoting Gender Mutilation

*This event occurred on July 11th and we don’t have any current updates. We will update you when we receive more news.

Nike’s trans activism is next level.

On July 11, Nike is planning to host a panel featuring the Human Rights Campaign, trans athlete Kaig Lightner, and Oregon Health & Science University’s (OHSU) Trans Health Program’s Dr. Blair Peters.  

Dr. Blair Peters of OHSU Trans Health Program performs and promotes irreversible surgeries on children. Peters brags that he has performed mastectomies for three young adults and adolescents in a day. Peters also says consent is “tricky” and admits that little is known about the long term effects.

Take a look at the email sent to employees, obtained by The Daily Wire.

Not only is Nike promoting these radical activists’ agenda—and fails to feature even one person challenging it—they are also funding their work!  

Why is a sportswear company promoting radical transgenderism and irreversible treatments on children and financially supporting organizations that pursue this same goal?

Take Action! Send a message to Nike’s leadership to STOP promoting & funding gender mutilating surgeries. 

Write to Nike CEO John Donahoe, Nike Chairman Mark Parker and Co-Founder Phil Knight, and demand they cancel the July 11 event or include speakers that provide a balance to this topic and address the harms associated with medical transitioning.  

Families that buy Nike products want quality gear, not gender surgeons. 

For more information on the practices at OHSU, watch this OHSU’s Transgender Health Program webinar, in which Peters and his colleagues discuss their activist mission to: 

  • Increase access to puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and radical surgery; 
  • Provide advocacy to shape policies like upholding Oregon’s “sanctuary” status; and
  • Train more providers.

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