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image of Stand Up For Sisterhood. Keep Sororities Female.

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Stand Up For Sisterhood. Keep Sororities Female.

Single-sex spaces have played an important role in elevating women. Sororities give women a safe environment, privacy, and opportunities for them to become leaders and build a network so they can thrive in business and professional life.

Unfortunately, many of the so-called leaders in our country no longer prioritize women’s interests and men are gaining access to single-sex spaces, including sororities.

The University of Wyoming’s Kappa Kappa Gamma (Kappa) chapter was pressured to admit a man, who often identifies as a woman, into their all-female membership. Brave women in that sorority are now speaking out against this breach of sorority rules and bylaws and the sex discrimination they face in their own single-sex sorority.

Join them in their fight to preserve sisterhood. If we don’t, then all single-sex spaces and experiences will cease to exist. Sign the petition to make your voice heard. 

PETITION: Female-only spaces and clubs shouldn’t be forced to admit males. Single-sex sororities exist to provide a supportive and safe place for women to live, learn, and together experience sisterhood. These all-female organizations provide their members with leadership, philanthropic, and networking opportunities. For those who do not want a single-sex experience, many colleges today host co-ed fraternities in addition to an array of single-sex fraternities and sororities. But students who want the single-sex experience and who join a sorority on the promise that membership will be limited to women should not then be forced to include males in sorority activities and private spaces.

This is why I’m joining Independent Women’s Network and people across the country in urging National Panhellenic organizations to uphold Kappa’s bylaws, stand up for sisterhood, and keep sororities female. National sorority headquarters and university chapters must reject efforts to disrupt female-only spaces and undermine the sisterhood. 

I support the brave Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority sisters who are speaking out against the injustice.

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