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#IWReads Book Club with Bethany Mandel

In her book Stolen Youth: How Radicals are Erasing Innocence and Indoctrinating a Generation, Bethany Mandel details the issues surrounding woke ...

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Save Our Sports: Protect Single-Sex Athletic Opportunities

The Biden administration’s Department of Education has introduced a new rule requiring schools to allow biological males who identify as women to compete in women’s sports. 

This rule flips Title IX on its head, making it discriminatory for schools to exclude males from women’s teams unless they have developed detailed sport-specific eligibility rules that demonstrate the unfairness of male participation in that particular sport while “minimizing “harm” to trans-identified athletes. 

But what about the harm to female athletes? It is well known that males who have experienced puberty have  significant, lasting athletic advantages over females in almost every sport. That’s not debatable. That’s science. And women shouldn’t have to relitigate this point with respect to specific sports at every single high school and college across the country. 

Title IX guarantees equal athletic opportunity for both sexes. But every time a biological male takes a roster spot on a women’s team or takes the field in a woman’s sport, a female athlete loses an athletic opportunity.  That’s sex discrimination, and it violates Title IX.

It’s time to TAKE BACK TITLE IX. 

We have 30 DAYS to weigh in on the Biden administration’s Title IX sports rules. Don’t let inclusion come on the backs of female athletes. 

Fill out the form to easily submit a comment to urge the Biden administration not to limit women’s athletic opportunities but to keep women’s sports female.

Virginia Democrats Attack Hindu Immigrant For Supporting The ‘Remarkable’ U.S. Constitution

Stephanie Lundquist-Arora is a member of IWN and leads the Fairfax County chapter. Interested in joining a chapter? Email

Earlier this (month), activists marched to the doors of a public hearing in Mt. Vernon, Va., beating on drums and yelling shrilly into the air in political theater over Virginia’s revised history and social science “standards of learning.”

Inside, local mother Suparna Dutta, whom the activists had recently smeared to defeat her nomination to the Virginia Board of Education, stood strong as a private citizen. She moved from the stage to the audience, firm as Democrat school board members, delegates, and activists lied at the podium. They falsely claimed the Board of Education’s revised standards that Dutta helped draft would “whitewash” education.

During the drafting process, Dutta courageously went toe-to-toe with Anne Holton, the wife of U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine, who sat like royalty at the dais at the Mt. Vernon meeting. Dutta, a Hindu immigrant from India, refuted Holton’s arguments that our nation’s founding documents are not remarkable and that socialism is compatible with our democracy.

During the Virginia Board of Education meeting on Feb. 1, Dutta had replied to Holton, “The Declaration and the Constitution … are remarkable documents.” Dutta, who lived under socialism in India, continued, “Socialism is the nanny state … which co-opts the important decisions belonging to families and individuals. It produces dependency and depression.”

In response, Holton’s supporters immediately organized a movement to reject Dutta’s appointment. Objecting to her perspective and audacity to stand up to the former first lady of Virginia, they claimed that the engineer and parent was not qualified to serve on the board.

Then they went even farther, defaming her all the way to the Virginia Senate floor. On Feb. 7, Virginia state Sen. Ghazala Hashmi introduced an amendment to remove Dutta from the board, citing an alleged affiliation with “very extreme and right-wing white supremacist groups.” The amendment passed on party lines, with every Democrat voting in favor.

One might think members of a political party that highlights the importance of “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,” or “DEI,” would embrace a Hindu immigrant woman of color on the Virginia Board of Education. After all, the purpose of diversity is not only for inclusion itself but for the sake of ideas. But these “diversity, equity and inclusion” supporters rule with an iron fist to maintain ideological conformity over diversity.

This isn’t the first time this group has attacked diverse public officials for failing to conform to their rhetoric. In 2021, Virginians elected their first black female lieutenant governor, Winsome Sears. Rather than welcoming her, “diversity, equity, and inclusion” ideological conformists also maligned the Republican as a “white supremacist.” 

This intolerance for diversity extends to a diversity of views. In one of the most shameful cases, these conformists flexed their muscles to punish a decorated war hero. In June 2022, Gary Volesky, a retired three-star general who received the Silver Star for valor in Iraq, was suspended from his job as a military contractor for responding to First Lady Jill Biden’s post expressing disappointment in the overturning of Roe v. Wade. He had sent a tweet saying he was happy the first lady “finally knew what a woman is.”

Just like that, he was out of a job. It’s ironic that Volesky fought for our nation’s ideals abroad, only to have them desecrated after he returned home.

Public school teachers who are conservative also fear losing their jobs when they speak out in any political capacity. Virginia high school teacher Julie Perry recently told the Fairfax County school board that she had religious objections to mandated pronouns and that co-ed bathroom policies made girls in her class feel unsafe.

She was counseled in the principal’s office for her testimony. Perry subsequently was written up for objecting to the district’s lesson on implicit biases. She opted not to teach the lesson because she believed it violated Gov. Youngkin’s Executive Order One. Conversely, the school district’s leftist teachers freely pontificate opinions to their classes and deliver speeches to the school board without fear of reprisal.

Public school students also are politically persecuted if they do not toe the party line. In January and February 2022, my sons were suspended for multiple days for not wearing masks following the implementation of Youngkin’s Executive Order Two, which allowed parents to opt their children out of wearing masks. Even before the court adjudicated the executive order, the school district simply ignored the law and issued the maximum punishments and suspensions under “dress code” violations.

While the schools crack down on politically inconvenient students, they preside over growing student disruption in classrooms, lack of discipline, and even violence in schools. Contributing to these disturbing trends is the current school board’s attempt to avoid the “school-to-prison pipeline” by refusing to discipline violent students. Serious consequences, it seems, are reserved for those students guilty of political infractions (my sons’ political suspensions remain on their records, despite appeal).

At a recent town hall meeting, I approached the region’s “equity” specialist and told her the district’s penalties are harsher for conservative students. She replied that other parents had shared the same observation.

With remarkable documents, our nation was founded on the ideals of political and individual freedom. At one time, we upheld the importance of free speech and the diversity of thought. Now, we are held hostage by an intolerant contingent that is beating a dangerous war drum for ideological conformity, even in K-12 education.

Parents could surrender, but, like Dutta, they showed up to refuse intellectual hegemony. It’s time to reevaluate what it means to be an American and stand up for freedom from Mt. Vernon to beyond.

Watch Replay Here: #IWReads Book Club with Kimberly Ells

In her book, The Invincible Family, international policy advisor Kimberly Ells exposes this unholy alliance between globalist liberals, feminist...

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Scale matters: It’s time to pass ESAs to expand Idaho choice

I have been a teacher since 1989. Over the last 33 years, I have taught every grade level from kindergarten to college in traditional, private, charter and home schools. The best and worst schools I ever worked for were charter schools, and this broad and diverse option is an important part of school choice. I am delighted that Idaho has it.

But it would be a crucial mistake to claim that charter schools are proof that “Idaho has enough choice,” as some have begun to do. No single option can meet every family’s needs, whether district or charter schools. It is time for Idaho to take the next step in improving education for its children by passing Education Savings Accounts legislation.

In my experiences, the best and most customizable form of education was homeschooling, but this option is not viable for many families, for a variety of reasons. As a result of the education innovation demanded by the catastrophe of pandemic school closures, parents have new education options for their children that may prove to be even more customizable than homeschooling: Micro-schools and learning pods.

Because I am a teacher, I hope readers will indulge my bringing some extra history into this discussion. In the late spring of 1940, Allied troops were cut off and surrounded by German forces after the six-week Battle of France. It was a colossal disaster, and Winston Churchill ordered all ships and boats to evacuate the soldiers from Dunkirk. In nine days, over 900 fishing and pleasure boats, yachts and lifeboats aided in rescuing 340,000 British and French soldiers. The small and nimble craft could get much closer to the shore where shallow waters prevented access for larger vessels. It was a catastrophe averted. Today, countless children are facing educational catastrophes, and the “small vessels” of customized education can save them, too.

In education, size matters. Smaller classes and institutions mean flexibility when it is urgently needed. Whether it is spending more time for math because some foundational content is missing, or more time for reading because the students are so engaged that they can’t bear to put the book down, the teacher of a micro class has far more flexibility than he or she ever had in a traditional classroom.

Smaller also equals customization. No longer bound to the district’s selection of curriculum, the parents can work with their pod coordinator to choose from the remarkable array of curriculum they never dreamed was available.

Smaller institutions are often more efficient, too. Homeschoolers routinely complete their daily assignments in four hours or less. Micro schools and pods can easily duplicate that efficiency, resulting in more time for volunteer work, job shadowing, apprenticeships, sports, music, or creative pursuits.

Smaller schools also allow students to avoid the serious bullying and behavior issues that are becoming common in too many traditional schools.

Simply put, smaller is frequently better, which is why attempts are made to reduce class sizes. To return to our Dunkirk metaphor, reducing class sizes from thirty to twenty students is akin to switching from an aircraft carrier to a destroyer when a fishing boat is the best option. Micro schools and pods, which could be funded by Education Savings Accounts, provide parents who lack the time and resources the opportunity to recreate the conditions that I saw make homeschooling such a success during my experience.

Winston Churchill once said, “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing — after they’ve tried everything else.” Rather than argue that Idaho already has sufficient choice, while promoting conventional policies, our leaders should realize how much more opportunity can come to our state and acknowledge that ESAs have a role to play, too. It’s high time Idaho students get the full range of options they need.

Laura Fischer is a veteran educator, founder of Math with Mrs. Fish and the chapter leader of Independent Women’s Network Boise, Idaho Chapter.

Share Your Story About Being Hit With a Shocking Medical Bill

You have the right to know what your health care will cost, and providers have the responsibility to tell you.

Health care is one of the largest sectors of our economy. Yet, it’s the least transparent. In no other industry but health care are Americans compelled to pay for a service without seeing the price upfront. 

Federal law requires hospitals and insurers to display prices upfront so patients can shop for healthcare services, tests, or procedures, just as you shop for anything else on the market.

But that isn’t happening. Americans are still getting hit with surprise medical bills, when it’s too late to negotiate. Nearly 60% of people report receiving a medical bill they weren’t expecting. 

We would never buy anything without knowing how much it is going to cost upfront. Prices in health care should work the same way. 

Help us ensure that happens by sharing your story. Has the American healthcare system ripped you—or someone you know—off? We want to hear what happened.

Submit Your Story

NOTE: You do not need to submit private, medical information to share your story. Simply send us a short summary of what happened.

Did you know that over 90% of healthcare spending is on non-emergency health care: meaning, with the right information, patients can plan and shop around for their services and treatments in advance.