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Don’t Cancel Freelancers: Oppose DOL’s Independent Contractors Rule

President Biden wants to use government power to push for widespread unionization.

Recently, the Department of Labor released proposed new restrictions on independent contracting that would replace the current common-sense rule implemented under the Trump administration with a more complex and severe standard for who can be classified as an independent contractor. If enacted, tens of millions of freelancers and self-employed professionals across the country could lose their independent status — thereby unionizable — even though they overwhelmingly oppose such a status change. Independent contractors, at least half of whom are women, choose independent work rather than traditional employment for flexibility and other reasons.

The proposed independent contractor rule could have the same impact as California’s AB5 law, which has devastating outcomes on women, older people, the disabled, students, and professionals across the state. People from across the political spectrum representing hundreds of occupations continue to report losing income, flexibility, and their livelihoods such as musicians, florists, tutors, event planners, family caregivers, and many more. (Read eye-opening stories at IWF’s Chasing Work website.)

The Biden administration will stop at nothing until California’s hardship becomes a national experience. 

Take action today, and tell the Department of Labor that you oppose the proposed independent contractor rule and want to protect independent contractors from being reclassified.

If you are an independent contractor or freelancer, please add your story and why retaining this status is important to you into the pre-drafted comment.

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