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Emma Wilenta
Emma Wilenta
August 26, 2022 - 2 minutes
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Fighting Back

Take Action: Go Woke or Go Hungry

Did you know that the Department of Agriculture is threatening to make poor kids go hungry if schools don’t embrace their radical gender agenda? 

That’s right. In May, the Department of Agriculture announced that it will apply President Joe Biden’s new Title IX rules to its National School Lunch Program. Those rules require schools to allow students to use the facilities consistent with their gender identity and to let males who identify as girls compete on girls’ athletic teams. Schools that don’t comply with these new rules risk losing federal school lunch funding for low-income students. 

We know people have different opinions about boys showering in girls’ locker rooms and males dominating female athletic competitions. But we can all agree that it’s wrong to hold poor kids hostage to a political agenda.

Help us send a message to the Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack: STOP playing politics with poor kids’ lunch money! 

Emma Wilenta
Emma Wilenta
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