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Peek Inside The Network

Become a member of Independent Women’s Network and connect with other independent, civically engaged, happy warriors who want a secure platform for honest conversations, useful messaging, and easy action to have influence and impact the future of the country.

IWN provides knowledge and network to empower women nationwide

Read exclusive articles, access messaging, and RSVP to member-only events

Access members-only perks, including daily posts from thought leaders, a Resource Center filled with template letters, how-to guides, and the tools you need to understand the issues and the consequences they have, and discover action opportunities to fight back and be an effective leader and advocate for your loved ones and country.  

Morning Must Reads give you headline news you need to know with smart, valuable analysis.
Keep up with “woke” terminology — what are they really trying to convey? Look it up in the Woketionary!
Foreign Desk provides direct access and insight into critical foreign affairs happenings.
Get the inside scoop on what’s happening on Capitol Hill and hear how you can speak up.
Get access to talking points to help you communicate and engage on key issues more effectively.
Ask Me Anything events in the chat room to engage directly with special guests.

Tap into the Resource Center’s how-to guides, template letters + more to engage

For as low as $5.00 a month get unlimited
access to digital events

All recordings are saved and available to rewatch 24/7

Events you can’t get elsewhere with today’s top influencers and political leaders, messaging workshops to help you communicate the issues more effectively, behind the scene videos, and a host of non-political content — we all need a little fun!

Every Friday the team talks to financial experts for personal and professional financial insights.
Join live messaging workshops on key topics and hear how best to talk about them.
Every week, catch up on pop culture news with Emily Jashinsky.
Regular behind-the-scene video from the the country’s leading women analysts.
Once a week, we speak with those in the education space on the latest news and happenings for parents.
Regular deep dives on how to talk about a variety of topics that are tough to talk about.

Build your base

Connect with members and express your views 24/7

The Network is a place to chat, discuss politics without fear, and grapple with those tough issues you might feel afraid to bring up in your community or elsewhere online. This is a place where you won’t feel alone; a place to share your thoughts, find fellow patriots who, like you, are concerned about the country, want to engage in honest debates in a civil and polite way, and feel the urgency that we need to protect America’s bedrock principles of free speech and economic liberty.  

Chat Rooms are a place to engage and have honest real-time debate, ask questions, or share something fun with members.
Member Forum was build for members to post threads by issue area, comment on posts, and engage with other members.

Join a Chapter or start one in your city

Be part of the grassroots progress & impact

IWN is creating Chapters in all 50 states. If you are looking for a place to connect, flip the status-quo, and make a real difference in your community — IWN is here to help. We can help you execute events and activities or offer speakers to come to your meetings. The possibilities are endless for IWN Chapters, but could include reading clubs, community events, happy hours, coffee clubs, and mobilizing action in your community on local, state, and federal issues. It’s time to shake things up and celebrate success with other independent-minded women in your area. Send an email for more Chapter information.

What our members are saying

Finally, a space for women to support all women. • It’s like hanging out with some of your best and brightest girlfriends and talking openly about things that really matter. • Conservative women FINALLY have a community. • If I had a resource such as the Independent’s Women’s Network back when I was a Democrat, moving to the right would have happened much quicker than it did! • We are stronger in numbers and IWN does that for us. • IWN explores a wide variety of ideas in an open and intellectually critical way.

You belong here!

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