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Identity Crisis: The Detransitioner Taking on the American Academy of Pediatrics

A sexual assault survivor, Isabelle Ayala’s underlying conditions of autism, ADHD, and PTSD were allegedly ignored in favor of the “gender-affirmative” model of care.

Now, she is determined to protect other young girls from falling prey to gender ideology and medical malpractice.

In the video below, she shares her story.

Identity Crisis: Why Chloe Cole Deserves the Jazz Jennings Treatment—and More

Chloe Cole, a detransitioner from Central Valley, Calif., began identifying as a boy at 12 years old. Doctors prescribed her puberty blockers and hormones starting at age 13.

At 15, before her breasts were even fully developed, doctors performed a double mastectomy. Only a short time after surgery, Chloe started having regrets about her medical transition. But in some ways, it was too late.

Chloe is now 18 years old and back to living as a woman, but is still struggling to come to terms with the medical coercion that took something “beautiful and uniquely female” away from her.

In the video below, she shares her story.

Cambridge Dictionary Quietly Redefines ‘Woman’

The Left is trying to erase women in support of the trans movement.

It's true.

Oh, they'll claim it's not, they'll claim it's about inclusion o...

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