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Dan Bongino Sums the Biden Admin Up and It Ain’t Pretty

After the news broke yesterday about the THIRD Trump indictment, Twitter went wild. Ok, X went wild (it still doesn’t feel right to call Twitter, X, but I’m working on it).

While many people already believed the previous indictments were politically motivated this last one SCREAMS it. We are watching the Federal Government stomp Trump’s First Amendment rights in real time. Not to mention Trump is the presumed GOP nominee for 2024 and whether Democrats want to admit it or not, this DOJ is Biden’s DOJ so they are targeting Biden’s opponent. 

Looks bad, right?

Even if you’re not a Trump supporter this most recent indictment (which feels crazy to write, that a candidate has MORE THAN ONE) is actual political targeting by the feds.

Scary stuff.

Often times look to people on Twitter (on X) who I think are smarter or savvier than I am when it comes to politics, and Dan Bongino is one of those people. He summed up the Biden administration in what I think is a fairly perfect post. Yeah, that just doesn’t seem right, it should be TWEET.

Anyway, here’s the tweet/post:

See what I mean? Nailed it, point-by-terrifying-point. I can’t help but think back to when Dr. Jill Biden claimed her husband being on the ballot equated to ‘decency’ being back on the ballot. If this is decency, I’ll take impoliteness/crudeness/whatever all day long. 

Oh yeah, forgot about that. Add, ‘Mysterious bag of cocaine that magically changes locations in the White House that no member of the Secret Service can seem to figure out who or where it came from’ to Biden’s list. Crazy that even when we know Hunter Biden is a cocaine addict we’re still supposed to believe some rando dropped a bag of cocaine IN THE WHITE HOUSE and the Secret Service is too dumb to figure out where it came from. Sorry, I digress.

Honestly, if this isn’t enough to get Republicans and the Right to stop the infighting and start working together, I’m not sure what will. 

Obama was BAD.

Biden is worse.

I never thought it would be possible… 

DeSantis Just Called Kamala Harris’ Bluff and It’s a Beautiful Thing

Kamala Harris has been working overtime to convince Americans (mainly ignorant Democrats) that the African American curriculum being taught in Florida schools says slavery was a good thing. You’d have to have oatmeal for brains to actually believe this, but considering 81 million people supposedly voted for Biden, it’s gained some traction.

We’re not dealing with the brightest crayons in the box these days.

Welp, DeSantis decided it was time to set the record straight, and invited Kamala to Florida. Sure, his invite was a little snarky (I love the bit about the border) but it was mainly sincere. Let us show you how wrong you are so you can stop spreading lies and wait for it … MISINFORMATION.

Here’s the original invite:

The last paragraph is the best part:

‘I am prepared to meet as early as Wednesday of this week, but of course, want to be deferential to your busy schedule should you already have a trip to the southern border planned for that day. Please let me know as soon as possible. What an example we could set for the nation – a serious conversation on the substance of an important issue! I hope you’re feeling up to it.’


HA ha.

This is so good.

Now, I was pretty sure Kamala wouldn’t take him up on the invitation (it’s far more politically lucrative for her to keep spreading lies and BS about how racist DeSantis is for saying slavery was a good thing), but I didn’t expect her to turn him down so quickly.

She totally chickened out.

From The New York Post:

Vice President Kamala Harris slapped down Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ invite to hash out their curriculum spat.

“Extremists attempt to divide our nation with unnecessary debates. But I have news for them: We will not be distracted — and we will not be deterred,” Harris tweeted Tuesday.

“There is no roundtable, no lecture, no invitation we will accept to debate the undeniable fact: There were no redeeming qualities to slavery.”

Weak. So very weak.

But what else would you expect from the Biden administration, especially the woman who got her job based on her sex and color?

Pardon My French, but WTF is Caitlyn Jenner THINKING?!

I get it. Caitlyn Jenner is a hardcore Trump supporter, but ‘she’s’ also supposedly a Republican and the last time I looked, Republicans fully believed in protecting women and girls when it comes to our spaces, sports, experiences, etc.

So why is ‘she’ slamming DeSantis for doing what Republicans actually WANT when it comes to the trans-movement? Does he … sorry … she really think this is a way to get Republicans, women, and especially parents to vote for Trump?

It’s just so odd.

Take a look at this:

You’re a man, Bruce. Sorry. Hundreds of years from now, if someone were to find your remains they would be the remains of a man. No surgery, no makeup, no filter, no dress … nothing can really make a man into a woman. So in response to the question, you should use the men’s room.

Or a gender-neutral/family single bathroom.

Women are not villains for wanting their private spaces to remain PRIVATE. And DeSantis is right to protect women and girls by pushing the policies he’s been pushing – that he should keep pushing. Pretending any candidate can win over white suburban women talking about how it’s ok for men to be in their bathrooms is just foolish.

And insulting.

There were several more tweets … ‘she’ was having a normal one.

Look, I’m not writing this to defend DeSantis (truth be told, I’m not behind any one candidate just yet, still hoping for some normalcy in a debate which may be impossible at this point but I CAN HOPE), but the reason DeSantis invited Kamala Harris to Florida is because she has been lying about the STATE policies, and he is still governor there.


I mean, umm, lady. Get it together already.

If only Caitlyn spent this much time going after Biden, or any Democrat for that matter. Right now, on the Right, we are absolutely our own worst enemy. My only hope is that once the debates start later this month and we’re officially into the primary things will begin to level off as they should. Granted, if Trump refuses to debate that will only make things worse BUT I’m hoping that will not be the case.

There’s that word again, HOPE.

Even now, I still have hope.

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