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Take Action: Stop State Farm

Parents need to be aware of a new front in the effort to exploit children. 

According to a leaked email obtained by our friends at a consumer watchdog organization, State Farm insurance company encouraged 550 agents to donate radical books on gender ideology to children as young as age five. The email specifically asks local State Farm agents to participate in a program that donates books titled “A Kids Book About Being Transgender” and “A Kids Book About Being Non-Binary” from the GenderCool Project to classrooms, community centers, and libraries so kindergarteners can have access to these books. 

State Farm actively provided activist-drafted books to young children for months and continues to partner with GLSEN and other organizations that insert transgender materials into classrooms. 

It is becoming increasingly difficult for parents to protect their children from these dangerous influences. These topics are pushed in schools, in popular media, in entertainment, and now, your insurance company seeks to undermine your parenting role. This needs to end! NOW!

Urge State Farm CEO Mike Tipsord to end all partnerships with organizations that push gender ideology on children.

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