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image of Petition to UCI and USA Cycling To Keep Women’s Cycling FEMALE

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Petition to UCI and USA Cycling To Keep Women’s Cycling FEMALE

???? VICTORY: We’re delighted to announce that this UCI recently announced their decision to bar biological men from competing against women in cycling!


Women athletes are competing for top spots for the World Championships, yet Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) and USA Cycling are allowing male athletes to compete, which inevitably puts female cyclists at a disadvantage.

More than 80% of Americans agree there are important reasons to distinguish between the sexes with respect to athletics.

It’s only common sense, as competitive sport is a zero-sum game where some athletes make the cut, and others do not; someone wins, and others lose. In a zero-sum competition, the inclusion of male-bodied athletes in women’s sport inevitably denies opportunities to female athletes. 


We petition Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), USA Cycling, and other governing bodies influencing cycling policy to protect female athletes from discrimination, establish rules to keep women’s races female, and distinguish between the sexes to give women cyclists a fair chance on the road. 

In the world of sports, it is impossible to provide equal opportunities for both sexes without single-sex teams. Women deserve access to fair competition, equal opportunities, training, and victory.

Don’t let women cyclists be unseated.

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