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IWN Action Center Old

Here is where you can make your voice heard! Take action by letting government officials and company CEOs know that you want change.

Tell Congress to Support Parents’ Rights
Your voice matters in this conversation and you made a difference!

Support Education Freedom in Florida
Tell your Florida state legislators to support education savings accounts and HB1.

Stop Government Bureaucrats From Taking Your Gas Stove
Take action today, and urge members of Congress to stop pushing for a ban or more costly regulations on gas stoves.

Stop The Lopsided Midwest Gender Identity Summit
Write to Bill Gassen, President & CEO of Sanford Research Center, and demand that he include speakers who can provide balance to this topic and address the harms associated with medical transitioning.

Don’t Cancel Freelancers: Oppose DOL’s Independent Contractors Rule
Take action today, and tell the Department of Labor that you want to protect independent contractors from being reclassified.

Save My 401k: Stop Woke Investing
Urge Vanguard and CEO Tim Buckley to stop using ESG guidelines for investments.

Support Gov. Youngkin’s Model Policies to Protect + Respect All Students and Parents
COMMENTS CLOSED: The revised state guidance states that “schools shall respect parents’ values and beliefs” and “schools shall defer to parents to make the best decisions with respect to their children.” A victory for parental rights in Virginia!

Go Woke or Go Hungry
Send a message to the Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, to stop playing politics with poor kids’ lunch money.

Save Our Schools: Stop the Illegal Rewrite of Title IX
Urge the Biden administration to protect women’s spaces, parental rights, free speech, and due process of law.

Fix Tennessee’s Anti-Woman Licensing Laws
Urge the Tennessee Supreme Court to amend the definition of “active practice of law” to give people—especially women—more freedom and flexibility.

Urge Target CEO Brian Cornell to end all partnerships with radical activist organizations and stop selling products that push gender ideology on children.

Declare Our Energy Independence
Restore America’s innovative and environmentally-responsible energy sector so we don’t have to rely on Russia.

Stop State Farm
Urge State Farm CEO Mike Tipsord to end all partnerships with organizations that push gender ideology on children.

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